Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Picking a Banking Derby winner. Whose "horse" .. er .. Senator Are You Backing?

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Or are all 4 candidates just show horses for the same owner? Say, who DOES own Congress, or at least command their allegiance?

Johnson Senate Exit Puts Control, Bank Chairman in Play

Four Senators to watch in rivalry for Banking Committee chair

Senators Unleash Playful Rivalry at Banking Committee Hearing

The guessing game has already begun over the successor to Sen. Tim Johnson as chairman of the Banking Committee.

Sen. Jack Reed,
Sen. Charles Schumer,
Sen. Sherrod Brown
Sen. Bob Menendez

Why only four?  Why these four?  Who owns YOUR wallet? :(

Hmmm. Is there an app to summarize which lobbies have the swing vote for each guy's campaign funding? Who "owns" each of these guys?

Contrary to popular opinion, the de facto owner in each of these 4 cases is NOT the constituents who supposedly voted them into office. Disorganized voters are easily conditioned - by cartoons and glossy ads appealing to their base instincts - to pick a horse from the real owner's stable.

I repeat. Is there an app to summarize which lobbies have the swing vote for each guy's campaign funding?

Come to think of it. Is there an app to just help voters act like an owner? So they can actually own the politicians whom they currently own in name only? Many Democracy failures arise out of a basic ignorance regarding political operations. Ditto for lost freedoms.

Politics, thy name is fraud.

We need apps to cut through the Fog of Fraud, and then voters both savvy enough and active enough to use such apps.

Those individuals - and countries - with a bias to coordinated action typically can or do own the majority of static assets - whenever they want to.  That observation demonstrates yet again the superiority of dynamic value over static value. Army ants (and many other, mobile critters) eat snails at will, even though snails have an impressive housing stock [and mortgages? :) ], which army ants don't bother with (most of the time).

What's the similar class relationship between snails/Senators and army-ants/electorates? The former class covets the staid safety of static assets, such as the trappings of power.  The latter class - when active and organized - utilizes the former do what's needed, when and as necessary.  If not, well, a group mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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