Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is There Any Culture Left, Anywhere, That is Agile Enough to Prevent It's Own Failure?

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Not in Cyprus, not in the eurozone, and not here in the USA?

What could we possibly do differently? Everything? So why aren't we actually doing just that? 630 million right & left hands no longer know what one another need, let alone what 315 million people collectively need?

Not to mention one, supposedly organized nation.

Forget greater than. Are we actively making ourselves less than the sum of our parts?

We can't succeed trying to calculate everything individually. That's ridiculous, and mathematically impossible. Every organized system constantly employs uncountable numbers of credits and risky debits. We survive ONLY by ruthlessly prioritizing the top few gains, and continously writing off all the negligible & irrelevant debts.

The worst idiocy is to forgo unimaginable return-on-coordination, in order to chase irrelevant, static, supposed debts to self. For those of us with small, calculating minds, what part of "most data is irrelevant" don't you get?

Cultural OCD may be the death of our nation yet, if we don't keep it away from group policy channels.


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Tom Hickey said...

Humanity has eliminated all its natural predators other than parasitic microbes, and it is going a good job on them, too. Lacking a natural other-species predator, the only way to cull the herd is by natural disaster, epidemics and self-culling. Wars have done a reasonable job of that in the past. Now it looks like we are experimenting with new improved methods for self-culling. That's the only logic I can come up with.