Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chris Dillow — Bosses, Power & Ideology

Chris Dillow says, "Now, you might think I'm making leftist points here. I'm not sure." I can assure him that he is when he says, "This too gives bosses power, especially as it is combined with the aforementioned biases. And money flows to power." Speaking of power in the context of economics and finance is leftist by definition. Ruling the speaking of power out marginalizes the powerless, which is presumably the intent of vested interests.

That this blog even needed to written when it is so patently (and painfully) obvious also goes to show that it is "leftist" , not to mention that many vested parties will disagree with it, some vehemently.The fact is that it is just common sense, backed up with evidence. Sociologists have shown that it is hardly controversial empirically that economic behavior is institutional and that hierarchical institutions distribute power and information asymmetrically from the top down.

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Bosses, Power & Ideology
Chris Dillow | Investors Chronicle (UK

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