Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saving Fiat, That Should Work Wonders For A Fiat Currency Issuer!!!

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Door-to-door mail delivery on chopping block
"The House Wednesday is considering a proposal that would end door-to-door mail delivery and save the cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service billions of dollars per year."

ESPECIALLY if the issuer of cash is "cash-strapped." *

Wow. If you start off propaganda with total bullshit, where else can the conversation go?

Supposedly, if we don't act now, even Congress could run out of fiat!!!

Where does the fiat buck stop? If we got too low on fiat, might citizens lack even the initiative to vote? Might they also curtail how often they simply read, look, interact, learn .... even think? Can't do nuttin' without fiat, you know. Good thing it's free ... at least to those who still bother to think.

What happens when a nation quits bothering to think?

* If a US Public Agency could actually be cash-strapped, then why would pernicious lobbyists work so long and hard on getting it separated from government? So it'll be eligible for unlimited Corporate Welfare programs? :(

Our strategy is now clear, in this topsy-turvy world. If we're going to embrace Orthodox Economics, then just make SocialSecurity a Corporation! Brilliant!!

You can't make this stuff up fast enough. Lily Tomlin remains un-refuted.


Ralph Musgrave said...

There are two separate issues there. First, mail delivery ought to pay for itself (unless there are good social reasons for thinking otherwise). So I don’t believe in throwing freshly printed fiat at it.

Second, the time to thrown freshly printed fiat around (at the economy in general and not just at postal delivery or anything else in particular) is when there’s a recession or an “absence of boom”.

Does that qualify as “thinking”? Very few people in the UK can think, so I do a lot of it for them.:-)

Tom Hickey said...

I'll be interested to see what US businesses think about ending postal service, since they are the primary beneficiaries of it and curtailing service will increase their transaction cost. But we should recognize that a lot of the US mail service is a business subsidy.

Calgacus said...

That mail delivery, like other government services, should pay for itself, be run "on sound business principles" is a bad idea, thankfully ignored almost everywhere and everywhen. The US Post Office, since the 70s trying to pay for itself instead of running beneficial and rational deficits is an exception (I think the only other one was Somalia.)

That being said, the USPS is exceedingly efficient, and "profitable". Republican congresses have pushed it into using unique accounting for its pensions to give it phony deficits, in order to propagandize for its destruction.