Friday, July 26, 2013

Jen Alic — Why the CIA Is Worried About Geoengineering

The CIA is worried about the national security implications of climate change, and it’s also concerned about the potential implications of geoengineering—large-scale deliberate intervention in the Earth’s climate system.
The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has launched a study of geoengineering as a way to fight climate change, bringing together experts and getting the CIA involved as one of the study’s financers.
For the purposes of the NAS study, geoengineering is the process of removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere or reflecting solar radiation away from the Earth to reduce global warming effects.
While this is great fodder for conspiracy theorists who can imagine geoengineering as a weapon of mass destruction, that is exactly one of the CIA’s concerns—so it’s not so far out there.
Interesting article. The GOP is blocking financing, of course, since climate change is only a hoax that NSA and the CIA have apparently fallen for, too.

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Why the CIA Is Worried About Geoengineering
Jen Alic
(h/t Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism)

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