Monday, July 21, 2014

Revealing tweet from the Right Libertarian Faction

So they think it provides some sort of "means of freedom" and some sort of "benefit".

I don't get it at all.  It cannot provide any sort of "freedom" for mankind anyway, that is completely absurd its use in fact subjects the entirety of mankind to the metal itself.

If used as "money", it can only "benefit" those who can obtain the limited amounts of it as opposed to state currency which we can issue/tax as required in working to achieve our economic objectives.

These right libertarians are just too stupid to see any of the hypocrisy in all of this I guess, scrambled eggs instead of brains.


Thomas L. Knapp said...

"state currency which we can issue/tax as required in working to maintain our economic objectives."

You mentioned something "without the pleadings of self-interest?

Matt Franko said...

Thomas by "our" economic objectives I mean the ones promulgated under our laws... see the appropriations laws for instance...

We of course can have our own individual economic objectives too...

But yoking the lot of us to our collective ability to happen upon mass measures of these metals before we can pursue such public or individual purposes does not help either situation, makes it A LOT harder in both cases...

This is the antithesis of "self-interest"...

Matt Franko said...


The word "our" is the direct opposite of "self"... fyi...


Unknown said...

It seems more likely to me that what Emerson means is that people desire gold, i.e. money, not for itself but for what it can buy - 'freedom and benefit'.

In other words people don't want to acquire gold just because they really really like shiny metal objects.

I don't see how this quote is advocating a gold standard money system.

Tom Hickey said...

The quote is lifted from the context of Chapter Five, Society and Solitude.

Here is the essence of it:

"I think the vice of our housekeeping* is that it does not hold man sacred. The vice of government, the vice of education, the vice of religion, is one with that of private life."

* The English terms "economy" and "economics come from the Greek root meaning household management.

The quote out of context perverts his meaning and reverses it.

Emerson is writing about harmonizing individuality and universality, which is one of the foundation stones, if not the cornerstone, of social, political and economic life. this is not effected by some invisible hand but living well, that is living a good life in a good society, in which human being is considered sacred.

Anonymous said...

The pot has no real value until something precious is placed in it. Even a humble cardboard box becomes valuable, if it contains a precious stone. Then this box is looked after really well! (Kabir)

A human being is a vessel (albeit an unconscious vessel) destined to discover what is Precious, and already inside.

Otherwise, our modern-day Neanderthal brothers are right: human beings are just walking talking breathing compost; laughing and crying, desiring, hoping, and thinking in circles. Here for seventy laps around the Sun, then gone, forever – nobody knows where or why? One day the whole Universe will be ground to dust: – meanwhile, since there is no point to anything (they say) it’s a Jungle, and get what you can. Theories don’t matter; everything is random, so take control. The physical fabric of existence is all, and manipulating other human beings, power. People who have this for a religion smile like crocodiles when the experts argue that their proposals are everything ….

This is the wisdom of the ignorant pot.

The best way to illuminate a darkened room is turn on a light. Then you can see everything there and stop falling over things. Then you can see yourself in a mirror, and maybe, if you don’t like what you see you will get a new haircut! At least others will see you and stay out of your way. When the vessel is lit from the inside, it becomes kind of transparent, and begins to glow.

Kabir said: ‘Standing in the market-place (this world), everybody rushing here and there – no man is my enemy and no man is my friend. To each, Kabir wishes go well’. His proposal was people should get to know what is inside of them. Then maybe, the mind would have something to guide it.

Sounds like a Plan to me ….