Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sainsbury’s store running entirely on electricity that is generated from refuse.

Another disturbing tweet below from a right libertarian source applauding a UK supermarket's ability to go "off the grid" by recycling waste food from its retail operation.

I guess these libertarians think that the food products originally just appear on the store shelves like magic (sorry you fantasy world libertarians, the store name is not Hogwarts...) and then the store is "off the grid" by using the leftovers of this magically appearing food... completely ignorant of all the work the farmers and transportation workers are doing to get this produce to the store in the first place.

This is just another example of the typical incomplete view of closed systems that comprises the dominant paradigm of economics at this time.


NeilW said...

It's not just the Libertarians. It's the left as well.

Because they have a knee jerk hatred of nuclear power they can't come up with an energy proposal that doesn't include the euphemisms of 'demand reduction' and 'biomass generators'.

Neither of which help when you're trying to get people off petrol and natural gas, and you're trying to sequester as much carbon as possible.

Old wood should be buried in the ground - probably in salt water or something to stop it rotting.

Burning it is a bad idea when there are better alternatives.

Roger Erickson said...

Our Congress also seems to run off of decay as well. :(