Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sam Biddle — Why Does Google Employ a Pro-Slavery Lunatic?

I hope this  is satire.
In 2011, Justine Tunney was an anti-establishment organizer within Occupy Wall Street, exhorting class warfare on the sidewalk. Today, it appears that Tunney spends her time ranting against the poor, advocating for the overthrow of American democracy, and not least notably, working at Google's New York branch.
What exactly happened between now and then is unclear. Remnants of the Occupy movement have worked to distance themselves from Tunney, whose views are increasingly of the neo-techno-fascist variety, rather than inclusionary leftism. In February, Tunney seized control of the @OccupyWallStreet Twitter account, which she claims to have created, proclaiming herself the rightful founder of the entire movement. The resulting backlash wasn't the first she's faced from people of all political alignments.
Why Does Google Employ a Pro-Slavery Lunatic?
Sam Biddle
(h/t Lambert Strether at Naked Capitalism)


Ryan Harris said...
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marris said...

satire isn't for everyone

Peter Pan said...

Perhaps Google believes in the freedom of speech of its employees.