Saturday, July 25, 2015

Corey Hoffman — Reaping the seeds that Austerity hath sown

Overlapping Consensus
Reaping the seeds that Austerity hath sown
Corey Hoffman


Ryan Harris said...

Too bad we couldn't file suit against the orthodox economists that are causing the problem and take everything they own to compensate those whom they are harming. States should be able sue orthodoxy like they did BP for negligence. I wonder if Economists in the government and wall street have to carry error and omissions insurance? Certainly wouldn't be hard to prove which fed and fiscal policies prescribed by the CBO, Fed economists, Euro staff economists and others like Art Laffer and Paul Krugman that largely drove trade and tax policy could be in some way penalized. hmm.

Ignacio said...

It's worse than this. Billions/trillions ill-gotten gains due to the increase in psycho-pathologies all around the globe. Bureaucrats, economists and politicians indirectly responsible from raise of health issues, accidents and suicide rates.

This people should be judged for treason and mass murder and condemned appropriately. In a world not dominated by wolves controlling sheep, those sheep would raise up against their master, but due to marketing and capitalism kool-aid they are induced to states of depression, suicidal and mismanaged anger against weaker persons (family, friend or random people).

It's sickening and disgusting.

Ralph Musgrave said...

What makes Ryan Harris think Krugman is guilty? Krugman has backed traditional Keynsian stimulus all along, far as I know.

One lot who are guilty are the IMF: see Bill Mitchell's blog for some scathing criticism of the IMF.