Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Esther Yu-Hsi Lee — The Majority Of GOP Voters Want Mass Deportation, But It’ll Cost Them

Translation: 63% of GOP voters are racists? Looks like the 2016 presidential is going to be about (non-white) immigration.

According to the poll, white Evangelicals, older voters, people who did not attend college, Republicans, and voters who live in rural areas tended to be more supportive of deportation compared to granting legal status to the undocumented population.

CNN reported that “Republican voters who say their views are not represented at all by the government in Washington are far more likely than other Republicans to back Trump’s run for the White House,” many of whom also favor his position to focus on border security and deport undocumented immigrants.
Trump seems to be attracting "low information voters" in droves.

Looks like the 2016 presidential is going to be about (non-white) immigration.

Think Progress
The Majority Of GOP Voters Want Mass Deportation, But It’ll Cost Them
Esther Yu-Hsi Lee


Ralph Musgrave said...

I realized long ago that anyone who is less than enthusiastic about the alleged wonders of immigration is automatically a "racist". But the idea that forcefully stopping someone from continuing to profit from illegal activity is racism is stretching the point.

Peter Pan said...

If they had cracked down on employers hiring illegals then this mess would not have happened. By all means, deport those who profited the most from illegal cheap labour - the employers. Deport anyone who knowingly hired an illegal. Deport the crooked officials who allowed this to happen for decades.
Now these Johnny-come-lately's want mass deportation. Surprise, surprise...

John said...

And these people call themselves Christians.

Ralph, you can't rig the world economy to the advantage of the rich countries and disadvantage of poor countries, flood poor countries with hugely subsidised goods and refuse to enter into trade negotiations with poor countries, overthrow their democratically elected governments and replace them with more compliant ones, wage war on the flimsiest of pretexts and ensure that their development is near permanently retarded, and then complain, as rich countries do, about the inevitable immigration problem.

As I said, all very Christian. New beatitudes are in order. Blessed aren't those who are poor for they do not appreciate the wonders of the alleged free market. Blessed aren't the refugees for they are a nuisance. Blessed aren't those who disagree with the warlords of the executive committee of the 1% for they are jealous losers.

Anyway, you can really rile the kind of people who claim to be capitalists by asking them why they are opposed to competition? Specifically, let's start with high paying professions. I say let's bring in millions of accountants, lawyers, doctors, architects and the like. Let's drive their wages down to minimum wage levels. Let's see how they like the so-called free market then.

Malmo's Ghost said...

Won't cost them anymore than it'll cost Bernie Sanders:


Malmo's Ghost said...


Since you brought up the subject of low information folks in such high brow fashion, why not apply the label across the board and thus include the tens of millions of illegal, low skilled, LOW INFORMATION, wage depressing immigrants flooding into the country? Or are you a Country Club Liberal who relishes unskilled, illegal, exploited labor, no matter where it comes from?

Tom Hickey said...

I said "low-information voters." That's not my term as the quote show. Illegal immigrants don't vote unless you believe in conspiracy theories that are without substantization.

The reality is that the reason there are so many illegals is the US firms "need" these low-pay workers. If they weren't allowed to work in the US for lower wages than it would take to draw citizens into the type of jobs they are willing to take, prices would be a lot higher.

So it is "migrant workers" by day and "illegal immigrants" by night.

I am not for illegal immigration but I am a realist. First, rounding up and deporting over 10 million people and maybe closer to 20 million would be difficult and costly. Secondly, if the US actually needs the workers, then establish as legal means, such as a guest worker program.

This is not all that difficult. The difficulty as I see it lies in chiefly racism. The problem is with immigrants that are different from "the rest of us."

John said...

This problem is not going to go away no matter how many people are deported. Millions of people are migrating because there is no hope in the countries from which they are fleeing.

There are only three solutions to this:

1. The rich countries are going to have to resort to the worst sort of barbarity and start deporting tens of millions of people, militarily block refugees from entering and building huge, miserable refugee camps which will create all kinds of grievances and violence.
2. Turn a blind eye to huge waves of migration and ensure the immiseration of your own working and middle classes at home.
3. Encourage the peace and prosperity of the countries from which these people are fleeing so that few people would wish to leave their homes for some other country.

The third option is the best for all involved, but I suspect a combination of the first two will probably be what we'll see. It's what the 1% (and the 1% of the 1%) want, so that's probably be what we'll get. Rather than turn on the elites, it is more likely that the working classes in the rich world will be the stooges of the rich elites and scapegoat the refugees as the causes of all their ills.

Tom Hickey said...

Hmm. Substantiation became "substantization."But you knew what I meant.