Thursday, July 30, 2015

Zachary Keck — The Insane Nuclear Bomb US Has in Its Arsenal

It’s a guided, low-yield tactical nuke - by appearing relatively benign it increases the chance the cowboys in the Pentagon will break the taboo on use of nuclear weapons - and help deliver armageddon.
Oh well, the long run we are all dead anyway.

Russia Insider
The Insane Nuclear Bomb US Has in Its Arsenal
Zachary Keck


Matt Franko said...

"the long run we are all dead anyway"

Therein the real current problem lies...

Ignacio said...

"Therein the real current problem lies..."

Explain plz ;) I doubt we would be better if we had immortality w/o some serious rewiring, in the current state of humanity we are better dying than having immortality IMO.

Dan Lynch said...

A nuclear winter may be the only realistic way to reverse global warming. The B61-12's "dial-a-yield" would be perfect for a controlled nuclear event to dial back global temperatures, and no doubt Pentagon planners are discussing "who should we blow up to reverse climate change?" I'm sure Edward Teller would approve !

Matt Franko said...


I think the scripture goes:
"Thru one man sin entered, and thru sin death, thus death entered into all mankind, on which all sinned. "

And another: " For the ration of sin is death"

All of this sin is somehow provisioned by death.

This would indicate that somehow if all of us knew we would never die, we would no longer sin or "miss the mark"...

Paul termed Christ "first born among the dead"... look at Cain: (this is not a scriptural phrase but if you read the account) Cain was first dead among the born.... tough assignment there!

Somehow, if we were immortal and we all knew we were... all of this sin we can see would go away....