Thursday, July 23, 2015

Perhaps It's Time To Just Call A National Dumb Conference.

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

On 2nd thought, make that "International." We'll need auto-spewers capable of attracting more attention than all Murdoch media combined, but with actual links to reality, for those able to tread propaganda.
Brian Romanchuk ‏@RomanchukBrian
"JPY Slides After IMF Warns Debt Is "Unsustainable"" -Zero Hedge: Doubling down on stupid. …

Roger G Erickson ‏@rgeOps
@RomanchukBrian I'd say it's past quadrupling down, Brian. They're going for fixer than not broken, which is always expensive to repair. :(
Fiat is unsustainable? When nominal exceeds IQ, there's hell to pay?

I am not making this up. Lily's axiom is still true. 

This is the vaunted IMF we're talking about here. When they make warnings ... people [used to] listen. Perhaps that organization has the same fetish for countries that Dominique had for maids? Has anyone pulled the curtain back yet?

Anyway, it's a deluge, time to call in Noah's Bark.

How does an expanding aggregate stay ahead of it's own stupid?

Do they keep their Fx afloat by hoping it's bark is worse than it's bite? At this point, we might as well say anything, and see how the Sophists decide to interpret it.

Perhaps they're thinking that a flood of wrongs will miraculously produce a right? Shall we just retire to the porch and wait for a stoolpigeon sighting?

Perhaps it's time to just call a National Dumb Conference.

We can partner with the Darwin Awards, and offer to judge prizes for different size aggregates?

And an associated essay contest as well, in honor of Fiaticus A. Lynch, mythical hero in "To Make a Killing, Nerd!"

That will work, of course, only if it's backed by a country with a strong fiat currency. Let's ask Putin.


Roger Erickson said...

Hey, maybe this is all explained by people who hacked the IMF HR department, and changed Monetary to Moron. Ya think?

Ralph Musgrave said...

My favorite article title about the IMF was one of Bill Mitchell's: "IMF still away with the pixies".