Monday, February 29, 2016

Alexander Mercouris — Syrian Peace Plan: US Seethes at Its Humiliation by Russia

A very well sourced article, which has recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal (attached below), shows the extent of the policy disarray in Washington following the US-Russian “cessation of hostilities” agreement.
It seems there has been a massive row.

The heads of the US military and the CIA are clearly furious at the way in which they feel the US has been humiliated, and in a series of angry meetings in the White House they have made their feelings known.
Though they rationalise their anger with talk about how Russia cannot be trusted, and how US allies in the regions like the Turks and the Saudis feel betrayed, that is what it amounts to.….
… the anger the hardliners feel does not promise well, and is absolutely not a cause for rejoicing, and certainly not for gloating. On the contrary, it is a cause for foreboding and for worry about the future.
Far from accepting their defeat, on past experience the hardliners will now be looking for ways to get even with Russia.

The fact they cannot do it in Syria will not hold them back, any more than failure in Vietnam in the 1970s held an earlier generation of US hardliners back.
What happened then was that the hardliners “avenged” the US's defeat in Vietnam by setting Afghanistan on fire - with catastrophic consequences for the whole world including the US.

The fact Afghanistan turned out a disaster will however hardly deter the hardliners of today from acting in the same way. If there is one constant in US foreign policy it is that when it comes to disasters it is the wrong lessons that always get learnt.

Far from being a factor in improving relations between the US and Russia, the fact the US feels humiliated in Syria is going to make relations between the two countries even worse than they already are, and is storing up more problems for the future.
From the WSJ article:
President Barack Obama’s top military and intelligence advisers, convinced Russia won’t abide by a cease-fire in Syria, are pushing for ways to increase pressure on Moscow, including expanding covert military assistance for some rebels now taking a pounding from Russian airstrikes.
Defense Secretary Ash Carter; Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan have voiced increasingly tough views in White House meetings, calling for new measures to “inflict real pain on the Russians,” a senior administration official said. Russia Insider
Russia Insider
Syrian Peace Plan: US Seethes at Its Humiliation by Russia
Alexander Mercouris

Christopher Black issues a warning below. Very dangerous situation and ugly outlook. "Operation Barbarosa" was the Nazi codeword for the invaston of Russia.

Operation Barbarossa 2: The Baltic Gambit
Christopher Black

Russia Insider
US Army Ships 5,000 Tons of Ammunition to Germany
Originally Appeared at German Economic News.
Translated by Werner Schrimpf

This is taking place within the context of the Wolfowitz doctrine that holds the US will not permit a military or economic challenge to US global hegemony. Add to that the fury of the US deep state of being not only frustrated by Russia but humiliated. Add to that nuclear weapons, and go figure. And add to that the fact that the people involved are (alleged) war criminals that have already established in evidence that the prohibition against illegal aggression and torture mean nothing to them.

This also explains in part why Rep. Tulsi Gabbard felt it incumbent to burn her bridges with the Establishment and endorse Bernie Sanders.

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