Monday, February 29, 2016

John Helmer — Fire Eye Or Blood Shot – Financial Times Weaponizes Reporting To Save Financial Collapse Of Business

Propaganda for sale.
A fact which nobody can verify is usually a fiction, sometimes a lie. In the business of reporting news for sale, the demand for lies is less than the supply, so profit is bound to turn into loss. The only successful business models for reporting and repeating lies are government propaganda and commercial pornography.
When Jones reports FireEye’s detection of Russian threats in the Financial Times, he is advertising FireEye’s services. When the FireEye analysts and Jones can’t substantiate the threat claims, they are advertising something else. Jones was asked: “In relation to FireEye, will you say whether you have received any form of entertainment, hospitality, trip, accommodation or benefit from FireEye or its associated interests?” Jones is refusing to answer.
Dances with Bears
John Helmer

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Who says there is no private propaganda?