Thursday, February 25, 2016

Michael Crowley — Sanders reaches out for foreign-policy help

Lawrence J. Korb, a defense policy expert at the Center for American Progress, told POLITICO that Sanders called him Sunday to ask whether the Vermont senator can name him as an adviser to his campaign. Korb agreed.…
Sources said the Sanders campaign has also hired Bill French, a policy analyst at the left-leaning National Security Network, as a foreign policy staffer—apparently the campaign's first full-time aide in that area. French referred questions to the Sanders campaign, which did not respond to a query. His hiring was first reported today by Foreign Policy. Korb spoke highly of French, noting that French had once interned for him.…

And in what may be a sign of the challenge Sanders has faced in finding Democratic experts unaligned with — or willing to alienate — Hillary Clinton, he has reached out to at least one former member of George W. Bush’s administration.
Of course, it might also be the case that Bernie thinks Larry Wilkerson knows a thing or two.

Unfortunately, Sanders has walked back his quote of 40 years ago about abolishing the CIA.

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MRW said...

Sanders is a troglodyte in many ways. I can’t believe he’s that unaware geopolitically. Just stunning. After all those years in the federal government. But he is. That’s how he lost my vote. Because a Prez is interviewing for the geopolitical job 100%. No one else--per the Constitution--has 100% control over foreign policy. Only the President does as Head of State. The House and Senate can presume they are important, but ultimately they’re not; Congress’ first duty is domestic, and Congress has final say in that even if a Presidential veto threatens it: Congress, if pissed enough, can override a Presidential veto. Congress cannot override a Presidential agreement with another country. Not unless it’s introduced to the Senate as a treaty.