Monday, February 29, 2016

Keep buying the dips. Spending really accelerating now.

Federal Government spending is really accelerating now. We are $45 billion over last year and last year was the biggest increase in six years. There will NOT be a recession. You can look at the deficit all you want; you're wasting your time. The Fed will raise rates at least two more time this year.

The stock market is giving everyone easy opportunities to get in. There's been plenty of good, back and forth action. That won't always be the case. We'll go parabolic at some point.

Forex is also presenting great opportunities. If you don't trade forex, get my course.


Matt Franko said...

Random said...

Fiscal conservatives are passed:

Matt Franko said...

"Fortune Magazine "

Should be "Lose a Fortune Magazine "

Footsoldier said...

Is it really as easy as that ?

What would happen if you overlayed that graph with the dow jones for example ?

Also what if all that spending is just on the military ?

How do you find out what it is being spent on so you know what stocks to buy ?