Friday, April 29, 2016

Another warped, Goldman fuck

All you have to do is listen to the comments coming out of the mouths of Goldman Sachs’ executives to understand in an instant that this company is nothing more than a racket run by highly educated and privileged morons. Some of them even depraved.

In a recent speech given by a former Goldman Sachs’ president, some guy named John Thornton, he says that he is very concerned about “our economic future” and predicts that it will “end in tears.” 

Did Thornton have any particularly insightful reason why he would say that, like, who knows, maybe because the insane neocons in Washington (whom I am sure he supports) might decide to start World War 3 with Russia?


Instead Thornton says that the United States and other countries will see their economic situations end in tears because those benevolent central banks, you know...the ones who have collectively worked so hard to “buy time” for governments to “get their houses in order,” will realize that all their efforts have been in vain.

“After the events of 2008, really since then, the central banks either collectively or individually have tried to implement policies which would, in effect, buy time for individual governments to take the actions they should take to put their houses in order,” Thornton says.

What this imbecile is referring to is what he sees as some timebomb of massive government debt, obviously. What else would he be talking about?

The dead giveaway is the fact that this guy is now the chairman of the super right wing neoliberal think tank, the Brookings Institution. And Brookings is the gold standard of organizations that peddle the insidious and destructive doctrine of neoliberalism, i.e. privatization, austerity, debt reduction, “free trade,” regime change, war, etc.

Funny I should mention gold standard because this guy is also on the board of Barrick Gold, it appears. (Probably pushing for a Balanced Budget amendment and a return to the gold standard, of course.)
The prescriptions of these psychopaths have brought nothing but massive economic dislocation, poverty, inequality, never-ending regime change and war yet here they are still giving speeches.

What’s so amazing about the whole thing is how shamelessly brazen guys like Thornton are. They spend their careers making fortunes at institutions that openly admit to operating criminal rackets, then casually pay fines while criticizing the very governments that allow them to operate with impunity in this fashion.

These guys know nothing and subscribe only to their own, warped ideology and criminality. Yet they parade around all over selling their poisonous snake oil, all the while buying the politicians that will make sure their thievery gets officially sanctioned by the force of law.

It literally makes me want to puke.


Unknown said...

It seems that the lesson to be learned from attending Ivy league schools boils down to ---- "Join the right firm".

mike norman said...

I guess I never learned the lesson. I attended University of Pennsylvania. Ivy. And look at me.