Friday, April 22, 2016

Vladimir Platov — Militarization of the U.S.

Speaking at the recent session of the economic forum in Davos, the head of the US Department of Defense, Ashton Carter, urged countries to slow “the pace of militarization,” saying: “We are telling everyone, not only China but all involved: stop, stop building up military strength”.
Like all of Washington’s policy in recent years, these words of the American politician who develops and implements US military doctrine, are the best proof of the hypocritical and two-faced character of White House policy, which sets out to strengthen its leading role in the world, particularly in terms of military affairs, at the expense of other States. In particular, the latest report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), serves as confirmation of that. The report states that the USA remains number one in terms of total spending for military purposes. Its share in total world arms spending accounts for 36% (596 billion dollars).
However, SIPRI reports that, in fact, increase military expenditure can be observed in most countries and their total, compared to the previous year, increased in 2015 by 1% to $1,676 trillion dollars.…
Militarization of the U.S.
Vladimir Platov

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