Saturday, April 23, 2016

Paul R. Pillar — Hillary ‘the Hawk’ Clinton

As the Democratic Party grimly marches toward Hillary Clinton’s nomination, little thought has been given to her extraordinary record as a war hawk and what that could mean to the world, observes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.
Consortium News
Hillary ‘the Hawk’ Clinton
Paul R. Pillar | visiting professor at Georgetown University for security studies and 28 year CIA veteran and a former top analyst

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Ryan Harris said...

Chuck Koch endorsed Hillary over the Republican candidates this morning. And he is complaining about the regressive tax code again, apparently he hasn't been listening to the mainstream economists about why it is important to tax wages but not investments, workers but not companies, consumers but not rents. It's funny when everyone disagrees with the economists but the economists in power still think they know better because their stories and models tell them so. They just need to better 'splain to the plebes. If only there were more Noahpinions to explain orthodoxy, everything would be ok.