Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Losing is a choice

This is a VERY IMPORTANT video. Watch it!!!


Tom Hickey said...

Excellent presentation and so true. Your course is an incredible deal.

Wish I hid this to work with back in the day. I'd "let my profits run and limit my losses" as I was told — and watch all my gains being pissed back. When I added up the time in, the payback just was not worth it, even though I enjoyed the process. Since I was not doing it professionally, I finally gave up and moved on, although I kept watching the markets out of interest.

As you say, I had the wrong mental game, trusting the "experts." If I'd had the right mental game, I would have kept trading since it was fun, especially when you are winning.

One recommendation about the action step. I had difficulty hearing where to go to get the course. You only said it once, and if I didn't already know, I probably would have missed it. You might say this more clearly and repeat it, along with a visual.

I think this is important for two reasons. First, the action step is obviously key in making a sale. Secondly, it's also really important for people to be able to access this information and develop these skills. Do them a service and make it easy to take action. I'd hate to think that anyone missed the opportunity because the action step was not clear to them and they choose not to pursue it.

mike norman said...

Thanks, Tom.

The course can be purchased here.