Friday, February 17, 2017

Alastair Crooke — ‘Deep State’ Has Trump on the Menu

Whether President Trump knows it or not, he is in a battle with a powerful ‘Deep State’ that wants to suck him into its neocon foreign policy orthodoxy or destroy him politically, as ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke explains.
Superior analysis. Crooke cites many of the sources we have been posting here at MNE. However, he brings in Israel, which we have not featured even through it is the crux, as Crooke explains.

Consortium News
‘Deep State’ Has Trump on the Menu
Alastair Crooke, former British diplomat and senior figure in British intelligence, and founder and director of the Conflicts Forum


Dan Lynch said...

Hard to say how Trump will play the Israel card.

Before entering politics, Trump seemed to think that Palestine was not being treated fairly. I assume that was the "real" Trump.

Then Trump took campaign money from Sheldon Adelson, and cozied up to Israel.

While I do not have a high opinion of Trump's character, he is an alpha male who hates to lose. For that reason alone, I can't envision Trump allowing himself to be neutered on things that matter to him. If backed into a corner, Trump will fight back.

MRW said...

Fucking excellent analysis. Note that Crooke repeats a private comment Devin Nunes made to him last Monday night. Nunes is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Leads me to suspect that Crooke, whose intel bonafides are excellent, was called into service to get this info out because Crooke is outlining geopolitical and domestic meddlers in US foreign policy. Much of what he is saying he wouldn't bother to reveal as a private citizen...for what reason? cui bono? There's no purpose served. But more importantly, as a former very senior British intel and diplomatic figure he wouldn't interfere in US domestic affairs with charges of collusion and coup d'états against a sitting US President without an official nod.

MRW said...

Then Trump took campaign money from Sheldon Adelson. No, he didn't. Adelson declined to give money to Trump in the Primary. Adelson put up $100 million to get Romney elected in 2012 and did not want to repeat that mistake. Adelson DID give money to the Republican party to get the Republic candidate elected in the General. Big diff.

MRW said...

Adelson's meddling in US/Israeli politics is par for the course. He probably thinks he can run fellow Jew, the orthodox Jared Kushner. I noticed that Adelson's wife couldn't resist getting her face in the aisle while Trump was being inaugurated and had his hand on the Bible.

Dan Lynch said...

Adelson gives $25 million to Trump

How much loyalty does $25 million buy these days?

Anonymous said...

«However, he brings in Israel, which we have not featured even through it is the crux»

It is not "Israel", it is the far-right political party Likud. Israel has a country with several parties and many Israelis (and jews around the world) are very much against the far-right politics of Likud. Many writers write "Israel" (or even worse "jews") when they really mean "Likud", and that just plays into the Likud strategy of identifying themselves with "true" Israel, and even "true" jewishness.