Tuesday, February 21, 2017

C. J. Hopkins — Goose-stepping Our Way Toward Pink Revolution

The deep state, of course, is not a conspiracy. It is simply the interdependent network of structures where actual power resides (i.e., the military-industrial complex, multinational corporations, Wall Street, the corporate media, and so on). Its purpose is to maintain the stability of the system regardless of which party controls the government. These are the folks, when a president takes office, who show up and brief him on what is and isn’t “possible” given economic and political “realities.” 
Despite what Alex Jones may tell you, it is not George Soros and roomful of Jews. It is a collection of military and intelligence officers, CEOs, corporate lobbyists, lawyers, bankers, politicians, power brokers, aides, advisers, and assorted other permanent members of the government and the corporate and financial classes. Just as presidents come and go, so do the individuals comprising the deep state, albeit on a longer rotation schedule. 
And, thus, it is not a monolithic entity. Like any other decentralized network, it contains contradictions, conflicts of interest. However, what remains a constant is the deep state’s commitment to preserving the system … which, in our case, that system is global Capitalism.
I’m going to repeat and italicize that to hopefully avoid any misunderstanding. The system the deep state primarily serves is not the United States of America, i.e., the country most Americans believe they live in; the system it serves is globalized Capitalism. The United States, the nation state itself, while obviously a crucial element of the system, is not the deep state’s primary concern. If it were, Americans would all have healthcare, affordable education, and a right to basic housing, like more or less every other developed nation.[paragraphing introduced for readability]
Pretty much as I have been saying.

The author shows how the Left has been duped into supporting totalitarian corporate globalism in an effort to provoke a color revolution in the United States.

Goose-stepping Our Way Toward Pink Revolution
C. J. Hopkins, American ex-pat author living in Berlin


Noah Way said...

The deep state, of course, is not a conspiracy.

Except by definition and the examples provided it is a conspiracy.

"a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful"

MRW said...

It's much more mundane, imo, than the list of power wielders listed, even though I agree with this guy, or woman. It's their proxies in the civil servant class running these governments, rewarded with awards, conferences in exotic places, and other perks, doing their bidding for them...the vast number of unelected people at the managerial level below the political appointees who know how the system works. I watched this when I was a DC consultant. The worse thing we have in this country is the two-year congressional voting cycle. Every new House member has to hit the deck running for his next election the moment he is elected, so he leaves the business of governance and policy to the minions beneath him. I worked on the $8 billion federal telephone system that revamped everything from local offices to the Pentagon and the White House. You know who set the specs? 20-something assistants. Fucking frightening.

Peter Pan said...

He's afraid of women wearing tuques with cat ears?

Peter Pan said...

And that would be pussy-footing, not goose-stepping ;)

GLH said...

"Despite what Alex Jones may tell you, it is not George Soros and roomful of Jews."
I have a VERY low opinion of Alex Jones and I rarely hear anything he has to say but I hear enough to know that although Jones may criticize Soros he is an ardent defender of Jews. Jones' wife and kids are Jewish and so is his producer and the company he works for. Look it up.

Matt Franko said...

"The deep state, of course, is not a conspiracy. "

LOL... Counterpunch finally giving up? Putting up the white flag?

Tom Hickey said...

"The deep state, of course, is not a conspiracy. "

LOL... Counterpunch finally giving up? Putting up the white flag?

What he implies is that the deep state is not a conspiracy theory, which is the way these matters are dismissed by "serious people." Other than conspiracy theorists, almost no one seriously believes that there is cabal that constitutes the deep state plotting behind closed doors to achieve elite objectives. Rather, it’s a mindset and a social network of many nodes that link that top level of US society.

Bill Mitchell has explained in many posts how this works in terms of group think. Marx and American sociologists like C. Wright Mills have explained how it works in terms of class and social networks. Another way of viewing this is in terms of Krugman's "Very Serious People."

I was just reading about a senior member of the establishment saying that Trump needs to be impeached "because he doesn't hold American values." Who is the arbiter of those values and how they are implemented?

Trump is being attacked on this score because he is not "politically correct." Trump ran on not being politically corrected and that was one of the major factors in his win.

If you don't like "deep state" call it the power elite (Mills), the ruling class (Marxists), or the Very Serious People.

I think it is mistake to limit this concept to the American counterpart of the Russian siloviki (intelligence services) and nomenklatura (senior government administrators). It's a much larger network, and to grasp the causality it is necessary to approach it as such.

Ask how and where power is generated and how it is distributed, like who are the gatekeepers and what are the passwords and shibboleths. Trump hasn’t used the right passwords and has violated the shibboleths. Thus, "thou shalt not pass this way."