Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anonymous — Paris On Brink Of Civil War’ Warns Le Pen – Media Blackout

May explain Le Pen's rise in the polls.

Security and order are the highest priority of government and when government seems to be failing, the tendency is toward greater authoritarianism.

‘Paris On Brink Of Civil War’ Warns Le Pen – Media Blackout

UPDATE: The Anonymous post has been taken down. Here is another link.


Peter Pan said...

Strange... wasn't it a few months ago that police were battling workers upset with changes to the labour law?

Paris has ghettos, filled with young men who are unemployed. Several generations of French citizens who have been economically and socially excluded. What could go wrong?

Ralph Musgrave said...

Couldn't get the link to work.

Kristjan said...

Recent PresiTrack Polls for French national elections show eurosceptic Marine le Pen is not only in the lead for round one, but she has significantly closed the gap in round two as well....

....Round Two Macron vs. Le Pen Five Key Points

Macron Peaked on February 8: 66%
Le Pen Bottomed on February 8 at 34%
Macron at 58% on February 22
Le Pen at 42% on February 22
Eight Point Swing to Le Pen in 14 days.....


I've communicated with French left who are the true left so to speak. Their plans are utopic, they want to continue with euro and just demand from Germany that their budget deficits be financed by ECB and Maachtricht abandoned. They say that Germany has no choice because without France there would be no euro. In longer run they want fiscal union but this they would do right now.

I say Le Pen's plans are far from perfect about how she wants to run the new currency but she is the realist who wants to get rid of the nigtmare called euro. France might still not get rid of the euro once she is president, there are some obstacles on her way. I would not rule out Le Pen's chance even though the French left keeps telling me that there is no chance for her to become a president. The situation is by their words very different from Brexit and Trump.

Kristjan said...

To those who say that Syriza was bad but feel that Varoufakis is their hero. Varoufakis and most of the left brilliant economists are no better than Krugman

YANIS VAROUFAKIS: Trump is risking a US debt crisis with 'skyrocketing deficits'


""My great concern with Donald Trump is that his economic pronouncements don't square up," Varoufakis said in an interview with Bloomberg TV's Guy Johnson.

Varoufakis said Trump's proposed $1 trillion (£830 billion) government spending plan "is unfunded and will lead to skyrocketing deficits if he succeeds with all the tax cuts he wants to push through."

At the same time, diplomatic tensions could lead China to sell its holdings of US Treasurys, pushing up bond yields and making it more expensive for Trump to fund the plan by borrowing on the international capital market.

It's a sequence that echoes the European debt crisis, which started in 2010 when investors lost confidence in the ability of Greece and other southern European countries to fund government spending and pay back their national debt. That led to higher government borrowing costs, a series of banking crises, and sharp cuts in spending and economic growth."

So I say: screw these experts and let's go with Le Pens and Trumps of this world.

Peter Pan said...

Ralph, the link was working earlier. It featured two YouTube videos. Not the kind of stuff to be taken seriously.

Ryan Harris said...

The video is a compilation of some extreme moments which is not indicative of daily life for most Parisians, I'm sure. However, the way it is stitched together is frightening and LePen offers a bit of compromise and pragmatism on the core ideological values that other candidates hold too dear to ease back on and are the root cause of the anarchic chaotic result of a too open society. It should give LePen an edge when she is more reasonable and offers some limits to openness just as Farage and Trump did.

Harmonious society, rising incomes and prosperous communities and egalitarian policies aren't possible with a completely borderless and open society because the rest of the world doesn't apply those values. Intuitively people know the raw deal on slow growth, poor quality jobs, wages and inequality are due to the all open policies of globalist identity politics. For decades any nationalism meant being compared to despots. But I think nationalism has grappled with that and convinced people otherwise. Nationalism is bigger issue and a separate issue from authoritarianism. The cries and endless labels ring hollow as I think voters can see it offers better future now, beyond the failed ideology of globalist anarchic chaos.

Matt Franko said...

Ryan right results matter... you have to deliver the goods...

Matt Franko said...

Orrrrrr it could be one big "neoliberal conspiracy!" according to the left....

Tom Hickey said...

The Anonymous has been taken down.

Here is another link to a different site with the same graphics.


Peter Pan said...

No worse than some American cities. The difference is that the French police are more restrained than their American counterparts.

Tom Hickey said...

The difference is that the French police are more restrained than their American counterparts.

Have you ever seen French gendarmes wield their truncheons in Paris? I have.

Peter Pan said...

Truncheons hurt, bullets kill.

Tom Hickey said...

The riot squad had submachine guns on their backs while swinging their truncheons. They were prepared for a fight.

Peter Pan said...

Imagine the same level of confrontation and violence in an American city. Would police have refrained from using their firearms? Would they have allowed the press to videotape it?

Even Canadian police might have reacted more forcefully. I've seen them treat unarmed protesters with greater violence.

hog said...

These seem like some truly awful candidates:

"Macron has notably advocated in favor of the free market and reducing the public-finances deficit."

"Fillon has been described as a reformist liberal. For many observers,[who?] he is more liberal than his mentor Philippe Séguin.[17][18] A few months after taking office as prime minister, he declared that he was "at the head of a state that is bankrupt financially, [...] which for 15 years has been in chronic deficit, [...] that has not voted a balanced budget for 25 years." He then committed publicly to "bring the state budget to balance by the end of the five-year"

for a country with over 10% unemployment

Peter Pan said...

Doubling down is the only thing they know.

Kristjan said...

This Is Marine Le Pen’s Plan to Break Up the Euro


She looks smarter than Trump.

Meanwhile in Sweden government is frustrated that it collects too much in taxes, unemployment 7%+