Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bill Black — Why Was Tom Perez Willing to be the New Democrats’ DNC Stalking Horse?

The New Democrats faced a difficult tactical problem, however, in coming up with a workable plan to defeat Ellison. The DNC had proven ineffective and been caught putting its thumb on the scale to try to ensure that Hillary beat Bernie. The New Democrats lacked a strong candidate. They could have supported Ellison, who is widely viewed as likely to be a highly effective DNC leader that will lead the revitalization of the Party. Obama and the Clintons, however, are enraged at the prospect that a Bernie supporter would lead the DNC. Their highest national political priority is defeating Ellison. Do not fall for the “cool Obama” hype. Obama is furious with Bernie and Ellison and has pulled out all the stops to try to prevent progressives’ from challenging his legacy as a New Democrat. The Clintons share his rage....
The losers are trying to maintain control after the world has passed them by.

New Economic Perspectives
Why Was Tom Perez Willing to be the New Democrats’ DNC Stalking Horse?
William K. Black | Associate Professor of Economics and Law, UMKC

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Peter Pan said...

Money is in control of the Democratic Party. Maintaining that flow is paramount.

Progressives have two choices: primary all the establishment candidates or build another party