Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Paul Craig Roberts - Can’t You See War On The Horizon?

According to news reports in the British press, Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed Russia’s industries to prepare themselves to be able to make a quick switch to war production. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/vladimir-putin-russia-business-war-production-sochi-military-talks-a8069951.html
Clearly, the Russian government would not make such an announcement unless it was convinced that the prospect of war with the West was real. For some time I have emphasized in my columns that the consequence of years of hostile actions taken by Washington and its European vassals against Russia was leading to war.
Think about this for a moment. The world is being driven to Armageddon simply because a greedy and corrupt US military/security complex needs an enemy to justify its huge budget, because Hillary and the DNC cannot accept a political defeat, and because the neoconservatives have an ideology of American Supremacy. What’s the difference between the detested White Supremacy and the American Supremacy that President Obama himself endorsed? Why is white supremacy terrible and American supremacy God’s gift to the “exceptional” and “indispensable” country?


Matt Franko said...



"“When I look at the Iran deal and how bad a deal it is for us, it’s a one-sided transaction where we’re giving back $150 billion to a terrorist state, really, the number one terror state.” –Donald Trump

So you are saying that we are FORCING Iran to take these USDs at the point of a gun?????

What world are you people living in????

Matt Franko said...

Here China just bought one of the largest pork processors down in Virginia Tidewater for $6B:


So we are FORCING China to buy a public US corporation that sells pork products into the mid-Atlantic at the point of a gun????

Meanwhile their people are over there eating insects and jumping off slave factory dormitory roofs??????

Get a grip on yourselves....