Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Robin Andersen — Backlash Against Russian ‘Fake News’ Is Shutting Down Debate for Real

Three important takeaways here.

1. There is no evidence that RT or Sputnik pushed fake news. They featured accurate news reports that the US establishment didn't like and hosts and guests that contested the US establishment message.

2. The US tech industry and Google in particular have enormous control over the US information system and they use it the interest of the US establishment.

3. The US intelligence apparatus revealed its high degree of politicization and involvement in domestic propaganda.
The real concern should be the close integration of the private and public sectors in advancing the interest of the US establishment rather than Russian influence in US domestic affairs.

Backlash Against Russian ‘Fake News’ Is Shutting Down Debate for Real
Robin Andersen

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Excellent interviews both.

Russia Insider
'Russian Media Are Very Diverse' - a Veteran Russian Pundit Explains (Dmitry Babich)
Eric van de Beek interviews Russian journalist Dmitry Babich, a self-declared 'conservative leftist' and a political analyst for Sputnik International, and sometime commentator on BBC, Al Jazeera and CNN.

Putin's 'Russiagate' Ambassador Opens Up, Has a Good Laugh (TV Talk Show - Kislyak)
Leo Standish

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Today the U.S. State Department hit the ball of hypocrisy out of the park.
It remarked that "legislation that allows .. to label media outlets as 'foreign agents' ... presents yet another threat to free media". It noted that "freedom of expression—including speech and media ... is a universal human rights obligation".

The remark came after the U.S. Department of Justice required the Russian outlet RT Americato register as a 'foreign agent' under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). RT registered as ordered on November 13.But the State Department statement was NOT in response to the DOJ requirement against RT. The State Department reacted to a new
Russian law that was issued in response to the demand against RT. The new Russian law is a mirror to the U.S. FARA law. It demands that foreign media which are active in Russia register as 'foreign agents'. (The EU poodles followed the State Department nonsense with an equally dumb statement.)
With its criticism of the Russian version of the FARA law while ignoring the U.S. FARA action against RT, the State Department confirmed the allegations of hypocrisy RT and other media have raised against the U.S. government.
Moon of Alabama
State Department Condemns* Designation Of Media As Foreign Agents (*only applies to Russia)


It's now become obvious with the latest sanctions that the US conducting economic warfare to take Russia down. This is really serious. It's not "slouching" toward war; it is rushing toward military conflict with a nuclear power.

 Putin has declared that US aggressiveness is a result of a perception that the homeland cannot be reached. Putin has state that should war come, the US will be disabused of the illusion in order to end its aggressiveness. This is basically saying that Russia, having the capability, is morally obliged to hit the US homeland in case of aggression against it.

Fort Russ
New US sanctions against Russia come into force
Tyler Durden
Moreover, Putin has directed that steps be taken to shift to full wartime mobilization on a moment's notice to defend the homeland from attack.

It's looking like Moscow is preparing for the prospect of military conflict.

Viable Opposition


Matt Franko said...

“If Additional E.U. - U.S. Sanctions Means Seizing Foreign Exchange Reserves, It Would Be A Declaration Of Financial War”

Yes this could indeed cause a MAJOR USD zombie apocalypse.... they would absolutely freak out if they were cut off their access to the USD system...

Just like the movie World War Z if you haven’t seen it... they would FREAK!!!

Tom Hickey said...

Remember what happened after the US cut of oil flow to Japan just prior to the US entry into WWII.

Hint: Pearl Harbor.

Many historians believe that this was engineered to allow the US to go to war at a time that the country was divided on this.

If the US backs China, Russia, or NK into a corner or crosses red lines, there will be war and it will be nuclear war with CONUS (military term for continental US) a target.

But the stakes are world dominance and these folks are high rollers with humongous risk appetite.

Tom Hickey said...

In addition, neither NK, nor Russia, nor Iran, nor China are going to initiate an attack.

The propaganda to this effect is made up.

The real threat is the US march to global hegemony and its recklessness.

While none of these countries will initiate at attack, since it is not in their interest and makes no strategic sense, they will respond forcefully if vital interests are threatened.

In the present environment, escalation is likely to go nuclear since it is the deterrence is only effective if the threat is real.

The US strategy is to push as far as it can to determine red lines. This risks stepping over a red line.

Russia, China, and NK are sending signals the probes are getting dangerous.

This is approaching the level of the Cuban missile crisis.

Kaivey said...

Where's the peace movement, where's the marches? How can this happen and no one knows about it? I don't talk to my girlfriend about it, she thinks I'm mad. My friends think I'm crazy too.