Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Stephen F. Cohen — Russia Is Not the ‘No. 1 Threat’—or Even Among the Top 5

By declaring Putin’s Russia to be the greatest danger to America, the political-media establishment itself is endangering US national security.
The Nation
Russia Is Not the ‘No. 1 Threat’—or Even Among the Top 5
Stephen F. Cohen |  professor emeritus of Russian studies and politics at New York University and Princeton University, and a contributing editor of The Nation.

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Noah Way said...

Actual threats:

Civil breakdown due to economic crash.
Infrastructure breakdown from natural disaster (solar flare knocking out power grid), leading to civil breakdown.
Climate change, leading to civil breakdown.

They're worried about civil breakdown, and are militarizing the police to prepare for it. Russia, China, DPRK, Iran, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc. are not threats.

Tom Hickey said...


The US faces no external threats.

The so-called external threats are challenges to the bipartisan US ruling elite achieving global dominance through the submission of all others to its dictat. These challenges to dominance are not national security threats and representing them as such is dishonest.

The only real threats to the dominance of the bipartisan US ruling elite are domestic and the war on drugs and prioritizing "law & order, and then the war on terror post 9/11, have led to a police state in the US. Occupy proved that.

The US elite is bipartisan on major issues that affect the dominance of the elite. However, there is an ongoing struggle within the elite for dominance nationally and in various sectors. But it occurs within the bounds of elite dominance.

Trumpism is just another faction of the elite struggling with the bipartisan establishment that had previously had control. "Drawing the swamp" just means putting another faction in charge.

Basically, not all that different from what MbS is doing to the ruling elite in KSA. On which DJT apparently signed off.