Thursday, January 25, 2018

Harper — Is This Fisc Document Part Of The Nunes File?

Is this a shoe dropping, or maybe a hammer?

The Alt Right is going ape over this, while the Democrats are taking steps to head it off at the pass by discrediting it before it is released.

I haven't posted on it previously, since it has been speculative and the reporting most biased by the side doing the "reporting."

Harper provides a piece that is of interest. I suspect we will be hearing a lot more about this as the drama unfolds.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
Harper: Is This FISC Document Part Of The Nunes File?


Noah Way said...

This will be buried by the corporate media, just like everything by Binney / McGovern / etc.

Never see the light of day, and therefore invisible to 98%.

Matt Franko said...

Nunes is probably raher looking at printouts of unmasked transcripts between Corey Lewandowski and Trumps Michigan campaign head ... things like that...