Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sondra S Crosby, Brock Chisholm and Sean Love - We examined Julian Assange, and he badly needs care – but he can’t get it

The WikiLeaks founder has a human right to healthcare. It will not be met while he remains confined in the Ecuadorian embassy

Life inside the Ecuadorian embassy is taking its toll on Julian Assange. I suspect this blew up bigger than he thought and now he has sacrificed everything for the truth. A massive sacrifice. Where are the good guys, they're there in all the children's fairy stories, they are in our best novels, our legends and folklore are full of them, our hearts lift when the good guys turn up in Disney films, and in Hollywood films we cheer when the bad guys get their comeuppance, but we get a real good guy and he is punished and painted as bad? While real evil masquerades as good.  

The good journalists left in our media don't want to lose their jobs and therefore their homes plus they have families to feed. Big Brother doesn't need a military police presence to enforce its iron hand, it can just threaten a journalist with the loss of his job if he tries to tell the truth. Look what happened to one good journalist who tried to do just that? KV

Mr Assange is surrounded by credible personal threats from various governments and individuals. He is also unable to avail himself of his right to access medical institutions due to the threat of imminent arrest should he step outside the embassy, even for a medical emergency. It is unconscionable that Mr Assange is in the position of having to decide between avoiding arrest and potentially suffering the health consequences, including death, if a life-threatening crisis such as a heart attack were to occur. Further, our assessment reveals that he has had no access to sunlight, appropriate ventilation or outside space for over five and a half years. This has taken a considerable toll. It is our professional opinion that Mr Assange’s physical and psychological circumstances at the embassy are in violation of the spirit of the UN standard minimum rules for the treatment of prisoners.
We must ask: why does Mr Assange remain unable to exercise his human right to health services? Are states allowed to choose who is entitled to this fundamental right and who is not?
The Guardian 

Sondra S Crosby, Brock Chisholm and Sean Love - We examined Julian Assange, and he badly needs care – but he can’t get it

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