Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mark Weisbrot — Brazil’s Democracy Pushed Toward the Abyss

Brazil slips back to banana republic status.

Brazil’s Democracy Pushed Toward the Abyss
Mark Weisbrot


André said...

Brazil has always been a banana republic.

But the fact that a corrupt politician was condemned yesterday isn't a problem - actually, it is the solution.

I don't know who Mark Weisbrot is, be he is clearing defending Lula on a ideology basis. I'm a left winger too, but that doesn't change the fact that Lula is a corrupt politician.

But there is one thing that gets me more mad than reading some brainless left-wing blogger's nonsense. And that thing is the total lack of interest of the elites on condemning right-wing politicians.

The elite is commemorating Lula's condemnation (as everyone who praises justice should), but they are "forgetting" the corrupt right-wing politicians that are in power today as if they were not like Lula.

Matt Franko said...

Right, If the right down there was in power when oil was $125 then we would be reading about the right’s convictions...

USD zombieism has no political allegiances to either side... the zombie virus infects both sides equally...