Friday, January 26, 2018

Paul Robinson — Fearmongering, pure and simple

The British military industrial complex needs to get its story straight. The Russian threat keeps changing from week to week, as more and more potentially nation-destroying dangers emanating from Moscow are revealed. The only thing that all the scary stories about Russia have in common is that they repeat the mantra that Russia is dangerous, very dangerous, and that the UK should therefore spend more on defence. The BBC notes in an article about Gavin Williamson’s statement that, ‘It comes as the Ministry of Defence is under pressure to avoid cuts that could be coming from the Treasury.’ It’s quite obvious what’s going on here. It’s fearmongering, pure and simple, designed to extort more money out of the British taxpayer....
Fearmongering, pure and simple
Paul Robinson | Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa


Fort Russ
England gives the game away: "Russia" is the first line of defense against military budget cuts
Tom Winter

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Kaivey said...

I noticed a YouTube video yesterday and it was an ITN news clip and it said Russian Aggression and there was a picture of all these tanks menacally driving forward looking. I knew it was propaganda and I nearly posted it as an example of British BS, as if the Russians are going to come matching into Europe. How do people fall for it. As soon as the Russians did that it would be all over for them. They wouldn't be that crazy.

For years we had anti soviet propaganda installed in us. Our overlords probably realised that because we have been so programmed like Pavlov's dogs that it would be cheap and dead easy to get us all worked up about the Red Menace again. But if you were an average working guy it was always Better Red Then Dead.