Sunday, May 13, 2018

Gweilo 60 - Chinese culture and the way they think? Is it opposite from the Western World?

In the video below Gweilo says China is the mirror opposite of the West. Men are not macho, but are refined, and friends like to hug and sometimes hold hands with each other. People are very polite and courteous and like to dress smart all the time. Where some of us in the West will occasionally go out with a few friends at night most people like to stay in and watch TV, but the Chinese like to go out all the time and socialise in the streets where they will do Tai Chi, dancing, singing, games, sports, and all sorts of things. Gweilo says how the Chinese like to touch each other a lot because it's a very social society.

China sounds lovely but there is a downside, for instance, they love to smoke everywhere, even in hospitals. Also, they will drop litter anywhere and dogs allowed to go where they want because the Chinese believe it's the street sweeper's job to clean everything up. And the really bad bit, stealing stuff is rife in China.


Konrad said...

I once visited Shanghai for two days, and I noticed that Chinese people smoked everywhere. I estimated that one in four Chinese people smoked. In Israel and Germany one in three people smoke. In Greece and Russia, people smoke even more.

In Mexico it seemed to me that only about 1 in 10 people smoked in the urban areas, and 1 in 30 people in the rural areas. In India, where I lived for 2 ½ years, I never saw anyone smoking at any time.

The German National Socialists (1933-45) ran constant ad campaigns warning of the health dangers of tobacco use.

No doubt the evil Nazis did this so that Germans would be healthy enough to exterminate Jews.

(For today’s idiot historians, absolutely everything in Nazi Germany, down to the smallest detail in life, was geared toward maintaining the “holocaust.”™)

Keep something in mind if you ever contemplate doing a crime in the USA. In jail and prison, no inmate is allowed to smoke. Not anywhere any time. Sixty years ago, yes. Today no.

Noah Way said...

US sports: ultimate fighting, American football, boxing, wrestling.

Chinese sports: table tennis, badminton, soccer, basketball.

And there you have it.

Kaivey said...

Chinese wrestling is just about getting your opponent on the ground, there's even handles on their clothing to assist in this, in Western wrestling it's about bashing half a ton of crap out of each other.

Konrad said...

A couple of days ago I mention Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, which was headed for Beijing China, but disappeared into thin air more than four years ago with 239 people aboard. No trace was ever found except for a piece of metal that supposedly came from the plane. (I do not believe this claim.)

The miraculous disappearance of large aircraft should not surprise us, since we live in world of gassing hoaxes, poisoning hoaxes, “Arabs with box cutters” hoaxes, “national debt crisis” hoaxes, “six million” hoaxes, and so on.

I explained that the only logical explanation is that Flight MH370 was accidentally shot down by the US military, which immediately covered up the crime because it was done in the ultra-sensitive and high contentious South China Sea.

Now an “investigation” by the Australian TV news program “60 Minutes Australia” has concluded (with absolutely ZERO PROOF OR EVIDENCE) that the pilot deliberately made the plane disappear. And presumably the co-pilot helped. Together they made the plane vanish. So says an international group of aviation “experts.”

As you can see, 71 percent of earth’s surface is covered with water, and 95% of it is covered with bullsh*t.