Thursday, May 10, 2018

Steve Sweeney — Maduro promises more revolution and to clampdown on ‘financial mafias’ destabilising Venezuela

Neoliberal forces have been rounding on Mr Maduro’s socialist government.
The European Union demanded last week that Venezuela abandon the elections. citing concerns over transparency and democracy.
The International Monetary Foundation also issued a motion of censure against Venezuela last week for failing to provide it with data relating to economic performance, including import and export figures.…
But Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez said the country had one of the most audited and transparent systems anywhere in the world.
“There is no system more transparent than Venezuela’s. Today’s simulation is a practice audit because it lets us evaluate the system’s logistics and how well the machines are functioning and today’s test matches the previous 16 audits that were also successful,” he said....
Full court press against Maduro for neoliberal-led regime change.

Morning Star (UK)
Maduro promises more revolution and to clampdown on ‘financial mafias’ destabilising Venezuela
Steve Sweeney

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It's no secret the US has regime change in mind for Iran

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Konrad said...

Does the USA really want regime change in Iran? I say not necessarily.

US pundits and politicians need Iran so they can have a constant “enemy.”

Without a constant “threat,” the public might demand that politicians get off their a**es and actually do something to help the nation. A regime change might remove Iran as a “threat.” Without the Iranian "threat," weapons makers' stocks would plummet in value. When peace became a real possibility in the Korean peninsula, U.S. military contractors lost $50 billion in stock value in a single day.

Likewise, Israelis need a constant “enemy.” Israelis may slaughter Palestinians, but Israelis dare not kill every last Palestinian. Israelis need Palestinians. Israel imprisons two million Palestinians in the Gaza Death Camp, and continually exterminates them, so that Israel can continually claim that it has a “right to defend itself" from the Palestinian "threat."