Friday, January 15, 2021

20 Years Ago — Wikipedia Is Born. And The Spooks Love It! (January 15 2001) — Ludwig De Braeckeleer

The spooks like Wikipedia for at least two reasons. They can keep the control over the pages containing sensitive information and they can monitor in real-time who is editing the encyclopedia.

On July 26 2007, I published a piece regarding suspicious edits made to some articles on Wikipedia.

At first, I simply noticed that some information regarding a Palestinian terrorist group had been erased.

Upon closer inspection, I came to the conclusion that Western Intelligence Agencies were editing sensitive information on Wikipedia.…

It would be dereliction of duty for intel services not to influence Wikipedia. In fact, just about every interest group does, and so do private parties for a variety of reasons

I find Wikipedia useful for non-controversial material. If the subject is at all controversial, buyer beware. From Wikipedia itself: Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

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