Friday, January 15, 2021

American Thinker apologizes to Dominion after getting letter from defamation attorneys — Celine Castronuovo

The climbdown.
"It was wrong for us to publish these false statements,” Lifson continued. “We apologize to Dominion for all of the harm this caused them and their employees,” the statement added, along with an apology to readers for what it called a “grave error.” 
Nothing short of amazing what a letter from a law firm will do.

The move comes just months after New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit to dissolve the NRA, alleging the group committed fraud by diverting roughly $64 million in charitable donations over three years to support reckless spending by its executives.
Fingers in the till?

NRA files for bankruptcy, says it will reincorporate in Texas


lastgreek said...

“Nothing short of amazing what a letter from a law firm will do.”

Indeed, scared shitless that you’ll soon won’t have a pot to piss in can be unsettling :)

E. Jean Carroll @ejeancarroll 3h

We all knew Trump was bad in bed, we just didn't imagine THIS!!


What a read!


“[Trump] says, ‘I’m gonna set it up for you.’ So I say, ‘Donald, I don’t need a boob job, but you need—’ I don’t say it, but you know what I am thinking?”

I smile. Every woman in America can guess what Jill is thinking.

“I’m thinking,” says Jill, “I don’t need a boob job. You need a penis enlargement.”

Lol... The Orange Cheeto is tiny like his stubby, tiny hands.

Ahmed Fares said...

He has a moth named after him: Neopalpa donaldtrumpi

(Bold mine)

Neopalpa donaldtrumpi is a moth species of the genus Neopalpa occurring in Southern California and Northern Mexico. It was described in 2017 by Iranian-Canadian scientist Vazrick Nazari. Known for its yellowish-white head scales being reminiscent of Donald Trump's hair, the moth was given its name because Nazari stated that he wanted "to bring wider public attention to the need to continue protecting fragile habitats in the US that still contain many undescribed species."

The upper surface of the N. donaldtrumpi forewings is orange-yellow except for dark brown patches on the fringe and anterior portions of the wing. The length between forewings is 3 mm (0.12 in) to 4.6 mm (0.18 in). Hindwings are pale buff, with dark fringes. The wings have similar coloration for both males and females. Its antennae are about two-thirds of its wingspan and its head is covered with yellowish white scales, which inspired the moth's name. Compared with N. neonata, the other species in the genus, N. donaldtrumpi male genitalia structures are smaller and female genitalia possess very few small setae.

Joe said...

And Sidney Powell got slapped with a $1.3B lawsuit from Dominion and Lin Wood got barred from bringing cases in Sussex county Delaware.
Did these people really think this wouldn't happen when they peddled such obvious nonsense?

Ffs, the conspiracy involved Venezuela, China, Iran, US special forces confiscating servers in Germany, Spain, Canada, Serbia, Kemp taking a bribe, Soros, the Clinton Foundation, dems in the other room filling out ballots, voters from Camden voting in PA, machines flipping votes, algorithms being overwhelmed, dominion sending a senior person to personally oversee the cheating in Detroit, dead voters, manufactured ballots, claims of "overwhelming" evidence that never materialized in court and more that I've forgotten.

If you couldn't tell it was all made up, then you're pretty dim witted. You should probably wear a helmet over your tinfoil hat, you can't afford anymore brain damage.

But I gotta say, the most inspiring part of the entire thing is the story of Serbia. They went from selling surplus soviet arms to international election fraud. It's a remarkable come up.

Ryan Harris said...

95% of the fraud claims were obviously BS, the problem is, of course, 5% were true. And now, the hacks do their political handwaving to dismiss all claims because 95% were bogus. The Dominion machines are poorly designed, read the operation manuals, I did. There are undisputed problems with voter rolls that are known to contain 20% invalid registrations for perfectly innocent, non nefarious reasons, yet remain serious issues when all registrations received unsolicited ballots. The problem arises when it erodes faith in the system and allows the potential for fraud. According to the state of California, my dead grandmother voted. My sister that went to college in San Diego, Ca? She voted in the election even though she hasn't lived there in years. Glib dismissals using idiotic claims simply demonstrate your ignorance of the actual issues rather than your comprehensive knowledge. The weird thing is that some of the outrageous claims that seem implausible turned out to be credible while easily believable, and functionally possible things like excess adjudication turned out to have minimal error in most areas.

Peter Pan said...

Thou shalt not question the integrity of elections.

The above is a public service message from the Ministry of Truth.

Joe said...

I have no problem questioning an election or investigating it, but damn, it's been done. GA was counted 3 times and there was no discrepancies, once by hand, conclusively proving no issues with the machines and that ballots weren't fed through 3 times. A signature audit in ga showed no fraud, 2 recounts in WI and a vote audit in az showed no discrepancies. Plus there's the 65 count cases, involving 90+ judges (many appointed by trump), of which Trump lost 64... not a single state election official has said there was fraud, not a single fraudulent vote for Biden has been found and not a single accusation has stood up in could. Shit, for supposed massive fraud with overwhelming evidence and they couldn't produce one fraudulent vote...

That your dead mother voted means jack shit. You have to show some sort of coordination or conspiracy behind that, of which no one has even come up with a plausible scenario. Some dumbfuck independently decided to commit a felony, that's it. That's hardly evidence of massive voter fraud or a crooked election... large scale coordinated voter fraud involving millions of fraudulent votes is basically impossible to pull off. The cia probably couldn't do it, much less the dnc.

Joe said...

And yes, taking dead people off the voter rolls should be done. One wouldn't think it'd be all that difficult of a task, it depends on how easy or hard it would be to access death certificate data and cross reference it with the voter rolls.

Joe said...

and I was an asshole there. My apologies.