Sunday, January 10, 2021

Arvin Ash - Is Quantum Tunneling the Key to Life and existence of the Universe?

 What is this mysterious quantum tunneling effect, where does it come from? And why is it one of the most important phenomena in physics?


Andrew Anderson said...

I suppose a plausible strategy for a younger person might be to disbelieve in a Creator, do as one pleases till he's old and then repent before death?

1) One could die tomorrow.
2) Faith may be simple but it's not easily acquired - it took me 8 years or so of reading the Bible every day to be reasonably confident in it.

Not to mention an unnecessarily troubled spiritual life in the meantime.

Ahmed Fares said...


May I suggest to you reading the works of Bernadette Roberts?

Bernadette Roberts (1931–2017) was a former Carmelite nun and contemplative in the Catholic tradition.

Roberts has extensively chronicled and described her life and spiritual journey. Her book Contemplative: Autobiography of the Early Years[n 1] presents an account of her early family life and spiritual experiences. Her spiritual journey after entering the cloister is described in The Path to No-Self: Life at the Center. This book includes descriptions of her experience of the "Dark Nights" and of the state of "Union," as spoken of by various Christian mystics.

Here is a quote from that book (excuse the weird symbols as it is a cut-and-paste from a pdf file):

For myself, the entrance into the Night of the Spirit
was just such a merciless milestone, a thrust beyond per¬
sonal security. It happened as follows: I had been reading
in the garden when I felt an invisible film, or tbin veil,
come down over my head, and shroud my mind. Instantly,
I knew something had happened, but no idea came to
mind, nor was there any other response. Swiftly and de¬
cisively, all had been done in silence; yet, however simple
and innocent its quiet descent, this act was in effect, ter¬
rible and awful—the Almighty had simply lowered the
The first thing I noticed was that I could no longer
see the words on the page; suddenly, they had become
characters without meaning. It was several days before I
could read again, and then it was totally without mean¬
ing. For years afterward, I could only derive me aning
when and where God permitted some understanding to
break through; these breakthroughs would shed light on
the mystery of God's ways in my soul, in creation, or in
his great plan for man. Because the contemplative state is
always changing, this special light is also changing, al¬
ways either leading the way or keeping pace, I do not
know which. Apart from the practical knowledge neces¬
sary for daily living (horse sense), my mind was plunged
into darkness, wherein the only way of knowing was by
this special light; I had to trust it implicitly, because there
was no other way of seeing.

Link to pdf: The Path to No-Self: Life at the Center

This pdf is less intensive and loads easier: The Path to No-Self: Life at the Center