Thursday, January 14, 2021

David Bowie - Jazzin' for Blue Jean.

 I always thought Blue Jean was a great pop song, and this is the video that David Bowie made to go with it, which I only came across recently. 

David Bowie was painfully shy as a teen and didn't feel he was interesting enough to sing his songs, but as no one else would, he had to do it, he said, many years ago. He overcome his shyness by being a successful performance artist, but he could only go on stage dressed up as he felt it made him more interesting. He also thought his voice was a little weak, so he felt a theatrical performance would make up for it a bit.

I think this video shows both sides of David Bowie's alter-ego. Despite his excess, everyone who knew him said he an incredibly nice person who was fun to be with. His wife, Oman, said that everyone knew him as David Bowie, but she didn't marry David Bowie, the persona, she married David Jones. 

I find the video very interesting!


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