Wednesday, January 20, 2021

First Asian-American VP

 First Asian-American, in addition to being the first Black and female, American vide-president.

 "Kamala" means "lotus-flower" in Sanskrit and Prakrit (derivative) languages.

Sputnik International
Kamala Harris' Ancestral Village in India Decks Out in Festive Colours Ahead of Her Swearing-in

Al Jazeera
Indian village cheers for Kamala Harris before US inauguration

Photos: Indians root for Kamala Harris, next US vice president


lastgreek said...

She's also the first cop... figuratively speaking :)

Watching the inauguration as I am doing some math problems, and where is the Trump mob? Damn, the boredom has begun :(

Peter Pan said...

No more Trump to blame... what's a TDS sufferer to do?

lastgreek said...

You think serious, government policy discussions are exciting? Boredom in politics is good.

As for the reality tv clown who’s probably stroking it right now watching the hired Illegal help at Mar-a-Lago and thinking to himself “any day now they are coming for my DNA sample,” the entertainment is just beginning.

Peter Pan said...

I think platitudes are boring, which is what was delivered today.