Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Introducing the ‘Great Reset’ … — Justin Haskins

The Great Reset as 1) the next step for humanity facing emergent existential challenges such as pandemics and climate change and 2) the next conspiracy theory.
An important factor in the makeup of the abstract Zeitgeist (spirit of the time) concretizing in the current moment of the historical dialectic involves "The Great Reset." 

As this decade and coming decades unfold this wave will become increasingly dominant. It is only rising now and is a long way from cresting and breaking on the beach of history, with the next wave rising behind it to replace it.

One view is that climate change is producing dangerous global warming (majority of climate scientists), while another view that that climate change actually involves global cooling and an impending ice age (Martin Armstrong). 

The mid-ground is occupied by the view that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the elite to gain global control and it underlies "The Great Reset" as conspiracy theory that sees it as a plan to replace capitalism by socialism (see link below). And yes, it is the capitalists that are behind the plan because they can further enslave ordinary people using the tool of socialism.
by Justin Haskins, Opinion Contributor (June 25 2020)

Pepe Escobar signs on.

The Unz Review
9/11 Was the Prelude. 1/6 Is the Holy Grail
Pepe Escobar

The European Green Deal aims to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. This is not going to be an easy journey. To be successful, the European Green Deal will have to foster major shifts in the European industrial structure, including transitions from fossil fuels to renewable energy and from combustion engine cars to electric cars. Shifting economies from brown to green would be a historic socio-economic transformation. Not by coincidence, this challenge is often referred to as an industrial revolution against a deadline. In this context of broad, paradigmatic, change for European industry, a ‘green industrial policy’ able to promote economic growth, job creation and environmental goals altogether will be fundamental to Europe’s climate change ambitions.

But there are limits to what the market and the state can each deliver. For a successful green industrial policy, mechanisms will be needed that make them work together efficiently. The design of public-private partnerships will make or break industrial policy efforts. The major transformative change demanded by climate change will also require the involvement of civil society more than in other areas of industrial policy. Green technologies, often still emerging, are complex and uncertain. Future uncertainty about climate and technology scenarios underlines the importance of self-discovery on the market, and industry-research collaboration....
A green industrial policy for Europe
Simone Tagliapietra and Reinhilde Veugelers


The Guardian
Top Scientists: ‘Ghastly Future Of Mass Extinction’, Climate Disruption
Phoebe Weston

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