Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Just Because The System Is Stacked Against You Doesn’t Mean The Universe Is — Caitlin Johnstone

There is deep truth underlying this. On the surface level, it is gibberish.

The deep truth is, ironically, the basis of the best in both liberalism and traditional and it shows the way through the dilemma of their opposition, which is really a paradox, that is, an apparent contradiction.

The surface level of liberalism and traditionalism are irreconcilable but they are joined at the foundation.

This requires raising the level of collective consciousness, and this is the deep dynamic of this moment of the historical dialectic.

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Ahmed Fares said...

“Evil does not exist; once you have crossed the threshold, all is good. Once in another world, you must hold your tongue.”Franz Kafka

That's not to say that evil people don't exist, they do, but they hold no power in this world.