Sunday, January 10, 2021

Links 10 Jan 2021

Understanding Society
Even worse than we thought ...
Daniel Little | Chancellor of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Professor of Philosophy at UM-Dearborn and Professor of Sociology at UM-Ann Arbor

The Intercept
Capitol Hill Assault Revives Calls for Domestic Terrorism Law, but Civil Liberties Groups Are Wary
Alex Emmons

Social scientist on failed pro-Trump coup: 'People are mistaking ridiculous with not serious'
Lauren Floyd and Daily Kos

The National Memo
They've Showed Us Who They Are
Joe Conason

The Hindu (India)
U.S. diplomats in extraordinary protest against Donald Trump for riot

Associated Press
Arnold Schwarzenegger compares US Capitol mob to Nazis

Associated Press
EXPLAINER: Can social media companies boot Trump? Yes

The Hill
DC mayor asks DHS for increased security measures surrounding inauguration
John Bowden

Crooks and Liars
Alan Dershowitz: Trump's Riot Incitement Is 'Protected By The First Amendment'

At least 25 domestic terrorism cases opened as result of assault on Capitol: lawmaker

Sputnik International
Pentagon Aware of Possibility of Further Violence Prior to, During Biden Inauguration - Report

Fascism expert: Donald Trump’s coup is not over — and his enablers aren’t done Dean Obeidallah and Salon

Real Clear Politics
Tucker Carlson: Many Republicans In Washington Now Despise The People They Are Supposed To Represent
Tim Hains

Exploiting the Stupids: The Intellectual Foundation of Movement Conservatism
Peter Dorman | Professor of Political Economy, The Evergreen State College

The Bounds of Political Discourse
Frank Pasquale | Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School

Sputnik International
FBI, NYPD Warned US Capitol Police About Possible Violence Ahead of DC Riots, Report Says


lastgreek said...

"Alan Dershowitz: Trump's Riot Incitement Is 'Protected By The First Amendment'"

Dershowit is seeking attention.

Regarding this protected by 1A sillyness:

-- The large size of the mob

-- The violent history of said mob

-- Inciting the mob knowing full well of their violent history and thus the likelihood of violence happening.

Have you noticed that those who called for insurrection were nowhere to be found at the US Capitol?

Where was the grotesque Alex Jones? For days he was whipping up his idiotic followers to inserrect. I'll tell you where he was. He was safe at home counting his money, that where he was.

Peter Pan said...

Take them to court Greek, or cool it.

Agreed that Dareshowingitz has no briefs.

Peter Pan said...

Btw, Alex Jones looks badly out of shape. His neck looks like a roll of cheese.

lastgreek said...

“Take them to court Greek, or cool it.”

Give it some time.

D.C. Attorney General Considers Riot Incitement Charges Against Donald Trump Jr., Giuliani, GOP Rep. Brooks — CNBC

Peter Pan said...

Well at least that is something.