Saturday, January 16, 2021

Links — 16 Jan 2021

The Unz Review (falling into the Thucydides trap?) 
Trump’s Not-So-secret Art of Containing China
Pepe Escobar

The Vineyard of the Saker (analysis)
Joe Biden’s War
J. Hawk, SouthFront

Voltaire Network (the enemy of my enemy is my friend)
The Iran-Al-Qaida Axis according the USA
Mike Pompeo

Moscow Times (Putin's successor?)
A Year After Shock Appointment, Russian Prime Minister Mishustin’s Star is Rising
Felix Light

Andrew Batson's Blog (defense)
What makes China want growth

Visual Capitalist (loaded words)
How News Media is Describing the Incident at the U.S. Capitol
Govind Bhutada

Sputnik International (Not over yet)
US Capitol Police Reportedly Arrest Armed Man Using 'Fake Credentials' to Enter Checkpoint


lastgreek said...

One more link :)

Aphrodite incarnate:

(Actually, she’s a Greek airline stewardess. But wow!)

Tom Hickey said...

Aphrodite incarnate

Awesome. Remarkable similarity, but as one comment says, she is even more beautiful than (the statue of) Aphrodite