Monday, January 18, 2021

Links — 18 Jan 2021

RT — Question More (Doh)
Despair, depression, and the inevitable rise of Trump 2.0
Chris Hedges interviews Glenn Greenwald

Slate (Russia!)
FBI Investigating if Capitol Rioter Stole Laptop From Pelosi’s Office to Sell to Russia
Daniel Politi

MintPress News (Speading freedom and democracy? No way)
By ‘Force and Fraud’: Is This the End of the US Democracy Doctrine?
Ramzy Baroud

Sputnik International
Lavrov: West's Reaction to Navalny Detention Meant to Distract Attention From Crisis of Liberalism

Slate (The color revolution begins. Let's see how far it gets.)

Top Iranian commander mocks Washington as US armed forces on alert for American attackers during Biden’s inauguration

Dostoevsky warned of the strain of nihilism that infects Donald Trump and his movement
Ani Kokobobo

Off the rails: Trump mainlines election conspiracies as Oval Office descends into madness
Jonathan Swan

Crooks and Liars
Bill Barr To Trump: Your 'Clownish' Legal Team Is Lying And Your Voter Fraud Claims Are 'Bullsh*t'
John Amato

Members of House and Senate fear for their safety away from a hardened Capitol
Kadia Goba

Zero Hedge
Fox News Ratings Plummet After Abandoning MAGA Viewership
Tyler Durden

AlterNet (addressing social collapse. failed state?)
Joe Biden unveils 2 big surprises sending a powerful signal he's pivoting to the left

Politico (not the national guard. bad sign.)
Pentagon deploys hundreds of active-duty troops for inauguration security
Lara Seligman

Defend Democracy Press
Les Français nuls en mathématiques
Philippe Lacoude

Sputnik International
Telegram Blocked Hundreds of Public Calls for Violence Last Week, CEO Says

Dominion sends cease and desist letter to My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell
Ursula Perano

Off the rails: Inside Trump’s aborted plan to control the CIA
Jonathan Swan


Andrew Anderson said...

"Despair, depression, and the inevitable rise of Trump 2.0" link doesn't work.

Tom Hickey said...

Thanks. Fixed in post.

Here it is.

Peter Pan said...

Exit Pompeo:

Enter latest crop of psychopaths.

Matt Franko said...

“I would love to see his phone records, to see whether he was talking to Putin the day that the insurgents invaded our capitol,” Hillary Clinton said to Pelosi. “But we all know that not just him, but his enablers, his accomplices, his cult members, have the same disregard for democracy. “Do you think we need a 9/11 type commission to investigate and report everything that they can pull together and explain what happened?”

Pelosi — “I do. To your point who is he beholden to — as I’ve said over and over all roads lead to Putin.”

Lefty females really hate Putin....

Peter Pan said...

Putin's sexual magnetism is undiminished.