Saturday, January 9, 2021

Real Progressives founder, Steve Grumbine, tested positive for Covid-19 last week. Now hospitalized. — GoFundMe

Real Progressives founder, Steve Grumbine, tested positive for Covid-19 last week. He quarantined and did the best he could to treat his symptoms at home, but was unable to keep it at bay. He is now in the hospital undergoing treatment which is likely to keep him there for 10 days. We all know that is not an inexpensive stay here in the US of A.
The scariest part is that Steve is one of the millions of people in this country who are underinsured. He works as a contract employee, so he has zero paid days off or sick days, and inadequate medical insurance. Pair that with the mortgage and rent moratoriums and student loan deferments expiring at the end of January, and you've got a recipe for financial disaster.

Steve spends every spare minute he has fighting to help people understand how federal finance works so they can band together to fight against the neoliberal austerity policies we're trapped under in this country that have caused him and so many others to have to make terrible choices about whether to get help they need or continue to suffer and possibly die so they can keep working to maintain their family's wellbeing.

Let's help him now to cover the debt tsunami he's about to face so that he can continue to educate and fight for all of us to have a better life....
Grumbine's Covid Care Package


Jerry Brown said...

Thanks for posting this. I hope Steve recovers swiftly.

But now that I am thinking about it- aren't covid 19 treatment covered by insurance and if no insurance, by the Federal Government? That has been my understanding so far at least. And if the hospital sticks Steve with a big bill he should certainly look into that.

Peter Pan said...

He couldn't afford to get his teeth fixed :(
Need to ensure he comes roaring back :)

Matt Franko said...

I can donate him some antibodies if he is in mid-Atlantic.. ... A positive... contact me here...

hoonose said...

Hospitals can get some reimbursements from the federal gov't caring for uninsured inpatients. Earlier this year my hospital received $2M to help offset their losses. Most of which were related to the paring back of elective stuff.

My wife and I had Covid in March, nearly killed her. She is doing well today, but still recovering. She has Obamacare, but we still paid out many thousands in medical bills not covered. So far we have not seen a way to get reimbursed, other than medical deductions on our federal tax return.