Saturday, January 9, 2021

Say It Ain’t So, Joe: The Failure of Biden To Denounce This Impeachment Is A Missed Presidential Opportunity — Jonathan Turley

Maybe so. But politics is all about, well, politics. Get used to it. There's too much on the table for statesmanship.


Peter Pan said...

He was busy comparing Cruz to Goebbels.

Get Mikey to invoke the 25th.

lastgreek said...

He's got big promises to keep regarding the pandemic. And if I were him, I'd concentrate fully on that. Hell, you guys have surpassed 4000 deaths a day! Let Pelosi and Schumer deal (as he said) with the treacherous piece of shit and shameless, lifelong grifter Trump.

Peter Pan said...

Fighting domestic terrorism trumps the pandemic.

And of course the focus will remain on Trump long after he leaves.