Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Capitol: So Much Suspicious Evidence — William L. Gensert

This was a false flag operation, you see. Really Antifa. 

This is just a sampling of the counter-narrative.

American Thinker
The Capitol: So Much Suspicious Evidence
William L. Gensert

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Not to put too fine a point on it, Righties have a weakness for believing stupid shit.

We’re not the only ones — Louise Mensch racked up countless retweets for her breathless announcement in 2017 that Steve Bannon was being considered for the death penalty for espionage, and a prank Resistance Twitter account called PatriotLouUSA fooled prominent members of the sphere and was attributed by some followers with prophetic powers. But nobody on the left is as enthusiastic as deeply or as long about stupid shit as are people on the Right. When Lefties do employ stupid shit, such as gleeful pee tape rumors, the origins are typically elite Lefty circles. Our stupid shit comes from the base, tends toward the wildly implausible, and of late tends to promise imminent glory on earth: the end of a story, in which we win.

This divide exists because Left and Right are different outlooks and different cultures. Accordingly, Lefties have a different failure mode than we do. The failure mode of right-wing is kook. The failure mode of left-wing is puritan. (Puritans are typically more effective than kooks; hence the tendency for members of Lefty subcultures be pretty successful at trying to top each other in ideology, and punishing people who don’t share it.)….
The American Conservative
How Do You Solve a Problem Like QAnon?
David Hines

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