Sunday, January 10, 2021

Tort — Ken Melvin

Seems Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 was intended to provide internet service providers some immunity from prosecution for the transmittal of porn by third parties on their services. Of late, Section 230 has been claimed to provide all sorts of immunity from prosecution from all sorts of transmitted content.

These social media companies, particularly Facebook, have become obscenely rich transmitting content, a lot of which was much, much, much worse than porn. Content that has wrongly skewed national elections around the world, disrupted governance, …, resulted in the deaths of thousands upon thousands, at least, of people.
Freedom and responsibility. Rights like freedom of speech entail corresponding responsibilities. Similarly incentives involve obligations. If a system doesn't balance these and other similar factors, then there is a lot of free riding that eventually undermines the system itself. Free riding is a form of parasitism.

Angry Bear
Ken Melvin

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Andrew Anderson said...

Free riding is a form of parasitism. Tom Hickey

Such as using what is, in essence due to government privilege for the banks, the PUBLIC'S CREDIT but for PRIVATE GAIN?

Peter Pan said...

No one will want to play politics in a sanitized echo chamber.

Hello Samizdat

Tom Hickey said...

Hello Samizdat

Samizdat is a good example. Social media and dedicated media are "Samizdat" on steroids.

Matt Franko said...

“No one will want to play politics in a sanitized echo chamber.”

That's what has been going on on the right for last 30 years.,,

Peter Pan said...

Have you never been to Reddit?
Have you never read forbidden thoughts?

Sanitized echo chambers can't compare.