Monday, January 11, 2021

UK Sectoral Balances — NeilW

Like it says.

New Wayland
UK Sectoral Balances


Global Markets Training said...

Neil, I (and I suspect many others) would dearly love it if you were able also to calculate the sectoral balances graph for US GDP. I remember a few years ago studying your spreadsheets (3spoken?, not sure if that is right) that showed which UK accounts you combined and how you averaged them for the graph. But I just wasn't smart enough to figure out how to combine the US accounts to do a comparable graph. Anyway, glad to see you are keeping up this good work! Oh, and maybe allow comments at New-Wayland...I would have posted this there but I did not see a way to comment.

Ahmed Fares said...

Global Markets Training,

Graphs on these two pages:

Naked Capitalism - L. Randall Wray

Free Xenon - Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)