Monday, January 11, 2021

US Meddling in Hong Kong — Patrick Lawrence

Patrick Lawrence lays the blame for the situation in Hong Kong squarely on the shoulders of the US.
The worst of this tragedy — the very worst — lies in the bitter reality that cynical, covert American meddling in pursuit of another “color revolution” has made a mess of a once-admirable campaign and left China, which has fretted over its territorial integrity for millennia, little choice but to intervene.
The next risk, particularly relevant to Taiwan, is that China will again be forced to intervene, but this time militarily. In fact, I will be surprised if the US doesn't provoke it eventually "to isolate China." It makes perfect strategic sense in some people's minds and, hey, what could go wrong? Well, if you think Iraq was a monumental strategic blunder....

Consortium News
US Meddling in Hong Kong
Patrick Lawrence

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