Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Yet another security lapse

With no security to be seen anywhere, a female insurrectionist got in Chuck Schumer's face during his press conference.

Crooks and Liars
'Racist Socialists!': Insurrectionist Gets In Chuck Schumer's Face During Press Conference
Karoli Kuns

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Lindsey Graham gets one thing right. Security was a farce.

The Hill
[Sherrod] Brown says [Lindsey] Graham yelled at officer for not doing 'enough' to protect senators
Jordan Williams

And to make matters worse, Figliuzzi warned, there has been a "penetration of law enforcement" by extremists.
Figliuzzi, on Tuesday morning, January 12, told "Morning Joe" hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, "These are seditionists, and you don't need to have a law degree to know that they have violated the sedition laws of the United States.…. We have Americans who have lost sight of the core values of America."
As I have said previously, the purpose of governance is first, provision of security, the second is maintenance of good order, and third is the promotion of the common good and general welfare.  A government that cannot properly perform the first loses legitimacy and the a government that fails in the second will face the first.

The sine qua non of a democratic republic is the orderly transfer of power. Failure in this threatens the existence of the republic.

Those who attempted to thwart the orderly transfer of power should be prosecuted for seditious conspiracy. That would be all who entered the Capitol building. For some that charge could be dropped to a less serious offense. But the militias involved and anyone else armed something that could be used as a weapon should face the full force of the law.

There was a permit issued for a lawful demonstration at the Capitol. Those who did not breach the Capitol did not break the law by participation in the demonstration, but laws were broken outside the Capitol, too, and they should be prosecuted.

For the record, I recall being at antiwar demonstrations at the Capitol Mall after I left active duty with the military in the Vietnam era. The area was protected by soldiers armed with rifles and fixed bayonets. No one was under any illusions about what would happen if they crossed the line.

At one demonstration there was a mass roundup and those captured in the net were held in an arena.  Here is the blow by blow.

While the political protest is a right, it comes with both responsibilities and consequences.


Middle East Eye
US Democrats briefed on 'chilling' security threats ahead of Biden inauguration


lastgreek said...

Metal detectors are now outside each of the chambers in the Capitol.

Dems must be scared witless of the repub QAnon crazies. Can you blame them?

Peter Pan said...

There are millions of Americans who would blame them.

Ahmed Fares said...

A better angle on the first video from RT.com:

'These Trump supporters are going to go to your house!': Schumer press event derailed by screaming critic (VIDEO)